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Full Version: Changing footer to image
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Well, I don't want my new site to be picked up by the spam bots, what do I edit to have my footer be the image, not text that can be picked up?
The bots can search for any section of code within the MyBB software and find you. Not just the copyright.
I heard that was the most common way.
geekywebadmin is right, but to answer your question:

1. Take a screenshot of the MyBB copyright.

2. Crop it as close to the text as possible.

3. Go to ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > Your Theme > Footer Templates > Footer.

4. Find the piece that says:

{$lang->powered_by} <a href="" target="_blank">MyBB{$mybbversion}</a>, &copy; 2002-{$copy_year} <a href="" target="_blank">MyBB Group</a>.<br />

5. Replace that with the following and save the template:

<span style="float: right;"><a href="" target="_blank" /><img src="COPYRIGHT_IMAGE_LOCATION" /></a></span>

If I were to use an image, I would just remove the text from the template. Than use CSS to position a .PNG file with text (and transparent background) over that area.
You may like to use this:

[Image: Untitled_26.png]