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Full Version: Search time limit on mybb
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Any possible way to decrease the search limit to less than a minute? It's a pain in the butt to do a search, not get any results and have to sit and wait for those long 60 seconds! LOL...maybe 30 seconds would be better?
Trust me, 60 seconds is nothing, I'm active on a board that makes you wait for 120 seconds! I personal don't mind 60, but I can see how people can find it annoying.
120??!! *gasp* That would drive me batty! LOL...yeah, it's just a bit annoying! That's all!
IMO 60 is too high for a default setting.

I can see maybe on HUGE boards that being necessary but for any average size site that is overkill.
60 is the setting for these forums, which I believe she is talking about. You may change your own boards settings as you see fit. Toungue
I second a 30 second search time limit. It's frustrating if your first search returns no have to wait a full minute (oh how terribly impatient we have become).
You lazy impatient... people..
If you don't have 60 seconds to spare you don't deserve to search :p
OH jeesh! Let's resort to name calling, shall we? It was just a suggestion! If you don't mind waiting, Crakter, good for you! Toungue

Just don't be snippy with users that don't search and try to find whether or not a problem has been solved, when it takes 5 minutes to do 5 searches!
I can't recall calling anyone anything? Oh well.
I was kidding anyways.
Um, I guess I don't like being called a lazy impatient person???? LOL...though I don't see how it's lazy not to want to wait...impatient maybe...but lazy? Toungue
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