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Full Version: Found this thing on the webs
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While trying to find a tutorial, I came accross to this website: <snip>

I am a bit disappointed.

That would be sad for us because I hold a hacking forum, Although you guys don't support our side, seriously, it won't be a deal if you help forum administrators fix their problem. Undecided
I've removed the link, and ask you please don't link to that website. We're aware of the website and the person who runs it, and frankly it's best not to give them attention.

Please see:
Okay. I'm sorry.

So, are hacking forum owners eligible for support?

aw, I think no.
(2012-12-01, 09:13 AM)rapture Wrote: [ -> ]So, are hacking forum owners eligible for support?

No, as stated in our support eligibility policy, for both legal and ethical reasons we don't support hacking forums. Even labrocca, who owns a multi million post hacking forum, isn't eligible for support. It's unlikely he would need support but the policy applies to every member.
I respect your decision, I will still continue my work even though it will require alot of struggle. I would still help and support MyBB.