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Full Version: Being harrassed
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Lately I feel I am being picked on and harrassed by another member here. They have repeatedly made negative, condescending, and downright nasty comments to me. I won't name anyone but I wanted to ask what others would do if they felt this way? I am here to support this project not to get into squabbles and personal battles with people. I am certainly not here to make enemies though. I am too old to put up with drama as well. I want to stay here and participate but this member is making it very difficult for me. Seems in many of my threads I get disparaging remarks as a reply instead of actual assistance.

Anyways...thanks for reading.
Feel free to report this person to a staff member.

Feel free to contact me in regards to this person, and I will try to have it dealt with accordingly.
I already sent this person a PM hoping to get them to leave me alone. I just was curious to how others would handle this situation. It's just making me rather uncomfortable to be here. I don't want to leave this project as I like it very much. If he continues to pester me I will report it to staff.
If you don't resolve anything send me a PM straight away and we'll get it sorted out.

Hmm...I think I know who you're talking about, as I've noticed a bit of tension in a few threads...I think I was at the receiving end with you in one of them! But yeah, I had to take a break for a whole weekend to get away from my own bit of tension I can understand how uncomfortable you are, Labrocca. If I was constantly pestered by someone, I don't think I'd stay with this community! Luckily, for the most part, I have a lot of fun here and like just about everyone!

Mind you, sometimes you "ask" for it! You can be a bit harsh in your responses, so I guess a few members take offense and fight back! Me personally, you have been both biting and helpful, at different times of course! But I value your knowledge and try to look past the scathing remarks! LOL Wink

Hope you work it out with this other person!
Oh I certainly can be brash and abrupt. But I am not here to make enemies or have people replying to my threads in some attempt to belittle or bait me. I am here for one push the project. If you search for labrocca and mybb you will most likely find posts all over webmaster sites with my encouragement of this software. It's not perfect but it's imho a top 3 forum software but unfortunately most people are unaware of mybb. I feel that Chris and the team make it this great with their efforts. Next is this community which is small yet active.

Anyways...I was up late last night and just getting bothered by this. Today is a new day...let's see how it goes. I have to build at least 3 more mybb sites this week all with custom skins. So I got better things to do.

I feel your pain labrocca. On a few occasions I just wanted to hit someone Toungue Either way, just ignore them. If you respond, your just fueling their hatred.