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Full Version: Quick login on the portal page outside the forum
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Hi, I have (it is homepage of the site,a portal page outside of the forum root). In this page I have quick login for mybb forum.

I have a problem with login on this page, because if an user do login, he goes in and it is error page.

How can I change quick login? change it in ?

Sorry for my bad english, I hope that someone understand my question, thank you in advance.
You need to follow Pavemen's tutorial
Lee, I checked all and I did all tutorial of Pavement but in homepage quick login doesn't work.

Anyway I have cancelled "on click="Mybb etcc" and now users have to do login from login page directly: /forum/member.php?action=login

In this way is better, I like it Big Grin and for example if user does login in homepage, he returns in homepage; if user does login in Forum Index, he returns in forum index..I prefer in this way
Big Grin - is solved then? (hint)
your setup uses a minimized and combined JS file, so you need to edit combined.js and make the same changes indicated in my tutorial for general.js file.
Good catch Pavemen - I had forgotten I did that with Deb's JS when optimising her site. Big Grin
Ok, thank you pavemen, then I'll go to change that file.

Yes Lee, solved, thanks