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[Image: vPFPM.png]


We are a community dedicated to Rockstar Games's Grand Theft Auto series and we have been a fansite since September 2011.

We try bringing latest GTA News, covering Rockstar Newswire & Fan based views and interviews.

About Us

We originally started back in September 2011. We had a major re-launch in February 2012 and been using MyBB since May.

We have a careful selection of stable MyBB plugins, enhancing the site experience.

During our recent downtime due to domain crashes and transfer, we have ensured our best to implement additional security.

The GTA Zone is hosted by SiteGround and our current theme is based on Encore's SmoothGreyBB Theme.


We try to focus on Grand Theft Auto Games but apart from them, we have General Discussions, Media, Gaming and Computing related sections. We plan to add more sections related to other Rockstar Games as well.

  • Jimmy: Webmaster
  • Matt-H: Co-Admin & Reporter
  • RockstarDragonJack-xD: Global Moderator
  • ToniForelli: Global Moderator & Reporter
  • Arijitsen: Moderator

Board URL:

Be sure to drop by and create an account. You won't regret it Wink .
The website itself is very active, which is great. The banner/logo looks really out of place. I'd suggest getting something new made, even use the one you posted in this thread.
  • Active member base
  • While quite a few sections most /almost all are quite active.
  • Design looks quite nice for the niche.

  • Technology en PC chat is not very active might want to get rid of it / merge it with something.
  • While i like the logo i would try to make it seem part of the header and not like its taped on top of it which seems slightly weird.
  • Going to or does not redirect a person to the forums.

Rating: 8
I love the concept of the site. It is well layed out but t
The header may need some wrk. Anyways brilliant site Smile
Thank You guys for the feedback. Activity was pretty hard for us as there are a lot of competeing GTA Sites.

@Berlo, I will chnge the banner. I want it GTA V Style. I'm not that good at graphics.

@anori: Thank You for the feedback. The Tech & PC Chat is the newest section. I might remove it though.

As for, I want to use it as Homepage with a good CMS. I want to integrate Joomla with MyBB. That's all.
We have just switched to dedicated servers with enhanced abilities. These allow us un-metered space and without any down. These are called VPS (Virtual Private Servers), dedicated to our Forum only.

I don't anticipate any issues to arise from this but if you do notice anything weird going on please feel free to post so I can troubleshoot it.
Lol site doesn't even load for me now.
It's loading for me, but very slowly.
[Image: w31S5.png]
Firefox here works fine for me don't know if that is useful to know. And not slow either (probably because i had already visited the site).


Chrome (never visited before) works fine to.
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