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Full Version: New Thread Notification to all registered member
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When i make New Thread as admin i want my thread to be Notify to all registered member on my forum.
in Smf this option is available as post announcement.
Try this i have it working on my site.

but you need to change the compatibility .

find this code in the plugin postonreg.php

"compatibility" => "14*",

change it to

"compatibility" => "16*",

this will help Smile

i am attaching the file i am using Smile
hope your problem is solved Smile
Thanks envira I will check on it and return back if this work ...
this is not what i needed. i want when admin post a new thread, all member should get the new thread in the emails address
oops my bad Smile,
May be try this plugin...
This will send email to all users Smile

hope this helps Smile
Thanks but i can i configure the setting, i cannot see the setting option after installing it. i cannot see the plugin under congf/ setting. where is the plugin located?

I saw the Admin plugin now, but still yet New Thread Post is not notify to memebers

How manage you solve your matter? i want this plugin badly,i want every new thread to notify to all registered member on my forum, i have this work on my SMF forum but i cannot get this work on MYBB Forum