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Full Version: Which file to change?
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Hi, i want to add a repeating picture starting from the right side of the mybb-main-logo to the right side of the browser window.

which files do i need and what should i change there?

thx in advance
Go on your theme, and in the addictional css, add this:
.logo {
background: url(IMAGEURL) repeat;
i added this lines under <extracss> in the xml - file but it doesnt changed anything.
Have you tried doing that in Extra Css Attributes in the Body of the actual theme template?
Can you link me the actual page?
Log into your admin cp, go to templates, click the drop-down to edit your template. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Unfortunately, due to the password areas and sessions, you cannot be given a direct link.
XD, I meant the forum page with the logo.
thx, finally i found where to insert it and it works!
1)but can i change it manually? i think its stored in the database, right? so i export the theme (xml) change the theme and import it again?
2) and in which part do i have to made this changes? cssbits, themebits or templates?
you can edit the theme in the database, that is the whole point.
click themes>modify/delete