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Full Version: Removing the Menu ??
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Is there a document i can drag into dreamweaver and just delete he div tags i dont want i.e menu?

i have removed the css classes within the ACP but its still there.

please someone explain in a simple term on how to do this, its driving me up the wall ... pointless being there and looks tacky anyway!

thank you.Cool
If you removed right code in your template menu should not be there.
no i removed the classes, not the tags in the .php document, that i cant find anyway :\
HTML isn't hardcoded in to the PHP files. They're stored in the database as templates.

ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > *Theme Template Set* > Header Templates > header
Where did you removed the classes from global.css?
You should not edit anything in .php document, you can make some errors etc... Go to your header template and there you will find menu items and delete them Smile