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Full Version: Re-selling Mybb Theme Duty Calls
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Hi need to re-selling Mybb Theme is called "Duty Calls" 1 Copy License.
Premium theme by

Price : $6.00 USD
Payment : Paypal (my paypal verifield)
Contact : Awesometoy7[at]

Thanks you.
Quote:2. Premium Items(s)

a) Allowed actions:
- Use item(s) for personal projects
- Use item(s) for commercial projects
b) Disallowed actions:
- Re-selling item(s) without written consent from the author
- Share item(s)
- Claim item(s) as your own
- Remove or alter the branding (branding removal purchase required)

If you've received consent from the author to resell this item, and they can verify that, please PM me with such proof and I'll reopen this thread.