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Full Version: Recruiting 1 Others For A Project
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More information about the project will be given prior to joining the team, but the basic topic is competitive gaming, the idea is unique.

I have been working with MyBB for a few years now so I can basically do anything with the software, and I am good with SEO but I never really got the designing down.

I need a designer, I can get around photoshop decently but it would be nice to have a designer on the team.

You should have skype to chat, and be able to make attractive themes.

If you want to see about joining the project just post here and I will private message you.
Well I'm not a graphic designer but I have Skype to chat and have been also wanting to make a gaming forum for some time now. PM me if you want to work with me.
Is this paid?
(12-18-2012, 08:16 PM)Tindris Wrote: [ -> ]Is this paid?

No, this is more for someone who wants to be a part of the community.