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Full Version: Install problem (config.default.php)
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First time here .. trying to install MyBB (latest version) to my server. Am new to forums and working with FTP and web sites.

I've uploaded all the needed files to a folder on the server. Getting ready to change permissions. I'm stuck here:

"Note: You need to rename the config.default.php to config.php first!"

I couldn't find config.default.php. I'm using an old FTP program and it has no "file search" function. I downloaded SmartFTP trial and used it's search feature and found the file. However SmartFTP won't change the file name. When I try to edit the file and save it, it always reverts back to the original name. Unfortunately the search function in SmartFTP doesn't show me WHERE the found files were, so I still can't find "config.default.php" anywhere on my server.

Also the file is zero bytes ?? I'm lost. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong with SmartFTP. I checked and although a trial, it's supposed to be fully functional.

So how do I rename that file?
It's located in the ./inc/ directory. The webserver may be able to rename it for you, try installing and see if it does.
Thanks Nathan,

I found the file in the *.inc folder. And using my ancient FTP utility was able to change the name as needed. Just for kicks, I reloaded the new FTP application and again tried to rename the file and the rename function doesn't work.

Maybe I missed something during the SmartFTP program install, or maybe being a trial version it is NOT fully functional. Guess I"ll stick with my old trusty FTP utility after all.

Thanks again .. I'm off to continue the installation of MyBBS ...

- Rich