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Full Version: Print a single post as-is with all formatting and pics?
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Hi all,

my forum users need a way to print a single post as-is, with all its formatting, colour, font sizes, thumbnails / inserted pictures between text lines, everything.

I don't want it to print pictures that have been attached below the post; only pictures that are inserted into the post, into the text, should be printed, where they are in their original position in the text.

In an ideal world, there would be a few additional features:
- option to "switch off" the background colour to white (saves ink)
- aspect ratio correct stretching of the post to meet with left and right edge of paper
- optionally, leave space at the left edge so the whole post is visible when the paper goes into a ring binder
- for posts that end up longer than one page: multi-page friendly page break positioning, possibly manually (so pictures and text lines don't get split in half at the page break)

I'm just realising that essentially what I want is something that takes a screenshot of the post, and then acts like the print manager of the basic picture viewer in windows - where the user can choose many options of how a picture is supposed to end up on the paper.

Is there a way to do this?

Any pointers extremely appreciated...



PS: 3,000 views of this thread within the first two hours of posting it seem to be saying that there might be a lot of other people out there who would like to find a way to do this :-)

PPS: 14,000 views within the first day after posting this... there really are many other people who are interested in this!