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Full Version: HTTPguru
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would like to hear your reviews and also if u wish you can join my community Toungue
The main page is a little busy, and the forum theme is pretty much the default MyBB one. I do like the nav bar though!
Forum is ok. THe main page though. Wow. Lots of misaligned items, or maybe they aren't misaligned, but there are too many ads. Wow.
There's alot of stuff happening on the website, it's seems very cluttered to me. Your HTML code is scary, I also ran it thru the HTML validator and I got 110 errors.

You're using the default skin. Why not create a custom skin or find a skin to use?
This needs a lot of work. I see problems in just about every area. It looks like a blind man laid it out. Sorry but you should consider getting a template.

You can get free ones here:
thanx for your reviews, i like the defualt skin of the mybb and i think design is important for the site, but i think for information for the users.

only one more question....

is the front page design too weired.