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Full Version: Forum list to Icons?
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How do I make the list of forums in the index into icons.

I want the title to still be there. The description as an icon and I want to be able to make them side by side.

So like.

Forum News Forum Feedback
15 Posts in 15 Threads 50 posts in 50 Threads

56 Posts in 24 Threada
There are plugins and tutorials that add a image next to the name of the forums on the index page. Is this what you wanted or am I misunderstanding?
No I need them to be images yes. But I need the forums to be 2 per line as well.
Are you saying you want to feed information from two forums of the same category into the index?
Do want them to have the same icon or different on each forum description?


The OP wants to display an icon for their forum description. So instead of the text, he wants an icon.