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Full Version: 1.8 beta?
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Hey there,
I've been looking into 1.8 beta and I found that a few of e team members thought it would be released in December. I know you guys d this for free and I'm grateful, I would appreciate a simple responds other than when its ready.

The answer you will get is: "When it is ready". Yes, we all want 1.8, but seriously, let the team take longer getting it usable. I am pretty sure no one would like un-completed, un-usable code!
We don't know when it will be ready, so how can we tell you? We've stated it many times before and we'll keep on saying it. It will be released when it's ready.

We are hoping (Read: Take that literally. There are no guarantees. Another reason why we don't post dates.) to get the Github repository open soon. There are many other internal tasks to accompany 1.8 and its updates.