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Full Version: Variable to show username with styling?
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Lets say i had a user and his name was styled like this:

If there a variable i can use to show the username with the styling? Rather then the variable just showing Userblah?

{$mybb->user['username']} only shows the username in plain text.

Come on :/ 80 views, and not one reply?
80 views is like nothing.

I don't believe that there's a global variable with it styled. You'd need someone to make a plugin to make such a styled variable exist globally.
80 views is a lot.

And i doubt ill be able to find anyone to make a plugin like that... ._. Thanks anyway.
(2013-01-04, 11:19 PM)acidboy101 Wrote: [ -> ]80 views is a lot.
Perhaps on your forum Toungue but not here.

Also, you don't know how many of those views are guests (who can't reply) and those by users.
And even out of those users, would you really want someone to reply who doesn't know the answer? A reply like "I don't know" is probably worse than no reply at all, I'd say.
Yeah well the reply you gave me didn't really help at all bud.
Yeah well you clearly didn't want help, you just wanted someone to give you a reply because you're simply impatient.

Perhaps if you figured that no-one here owes you a response, much less one that is helpful, you would learn to be a little more patient next time.
And the first 80 views I can assure you that 75% of then are from bots....Twitter feeds etc.....
I am being patient, your just not getting my point. I'm pretty damn patient. Of course you would know this if you knew how to understand people better. And i did want help, why would post asking for help, if i didnt want it?
Post your problem and WAIT. Reposting saying "80 views and no replies" WONT get you a quicker response. So like I said post and wait, simple as that.
No by core, you need a plugin to do this.

You can request a plugin in the Plugins Requests forum, or ask for help in the Plugins Development forum if you choose to write your own plugin.
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