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Full Version: PHPidiot May put theme up for DL
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Check it out. Feedback appreciated. If you reg and post I'd greatly appreciate that.

Theme looks good, simplistic and probably good for a d/l. However, the footer of the forum where you can sort and order topics really shouldn't be that dark gray. It really doesn't go with the blue theme throughout the rest of the site. Maybe if it were a lighter, blueish-gray color that it would work better.

Also there should probably be some more orange around since it is part of the logo.

And finally if you go to distribute it as a d/l, I would recommend removing the advertisements section of the template. If people want to add it on their own that's good, but you shouldn't make that part of the default template.
I like it, it's very clean looking (with the exceptions of the ads, but you gotta pay for your site somehow Toungue).