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Full Version: Importing a theme from cache/themes
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I recently deleted a theme file that I really needed. I went in to my web host and got a backup of the folders that I deleted. My question is in the backup I have the cache/themes/theme3 which has the .css stylsheets that were in the theme, but what about the templates? Where would the templates from that theme be?

The templates are stored in the database, can you get a backup of that?
Yes, I managed to get a backup of the database. How can I extract the theme from there?
Bump. I have the stylesheets and the database where the templates are.
I believe the CSS is in the cache/themes/ and templates stored in mybb_templates. Just try to import theme and see if templates are automatically attached to it or not (unless you delete templates as well).
I have the templates in a .sql folder from the database, and the theme isn't .xml, it's only global.css and something else.css.
Can you send me the SQL file and name of the theme? I think it will be rather difficult to extract the templates. I will try for you.