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Full Version: FAQ Page
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I know you guys have the Wiki installed and most people don't seem to know to look for it, and sometimes there are common problems but they don't know where it would be in the Wiki (ie: can't login).

Maybe you should make an FAQ page on the support page, or even linked to on the forums and put questions in it such as:

What do I do if members can't login? *link to Wiki cookie settings page*

This would hopefully save you guys some time answering these types of questions.
We've already got cookie settings automatically set now in the installer, in the SVN. So that should clear up some questions about it Smile

There's also some talk about a concept like this. Not going to give it away though Smile
i think wiki is best than a faq page, developers would sort out the problem if any.,
There should be a FAQ on the wiki.. Me thinks, and known problems in latest version.