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Full Version: Recent posts/timestamps don't display on Plugin or Theme Request
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I noticed on the index page, everything tells you when the most recent post was and its title, except the ones for plugin support and theme support. I have a thread in one of those areas and realized how damaging it is to not even be able to see when a post was recently made from the forum index. It's probably also limiting how many people go in to try and help/answer people in those 2 areas, since they'd need to go out of there way to enter the section and check for new threads.
That's because they're categories and not forums.
I'm talking about the ones in the section called "MyBB 1.6 Forums." Am I reading the name of the section right?

Every other forum in that section shows recent posts except Plugins and Themes. Seems to really hurt the chances of a question being answered there when people can't see that recent activity has been happening.

I'm not talking about the subforums that are lower on the index, in the "Resources" area.