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Full Version: Uploading theme to a forum.
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Recently I purchased a theme from ThemeFreak. I bought SideReel. Demo can be found HERE.
It comes with the icons in the download:
  • Jscripts
  • Themes
  • License
  • Sidereel-theme (.XML)

For the sidereel-theme - I upload manually to the Admin CP. I name it SideReel, use the MyBB master style as the parent theme, then I check off the "Ignore Version Compatibility" box. Done.

I am using Hostgator, so I can manually add them in, instead of using software such as filezilla.

Jscripts folder
jscripts/editor_themes/office_2007 contains:
  • Images
  • Stylesheet
  • Index

Index / Stylesheet
You add the index and style sheet in the appropriate place in the hosting which is "public_html/jscripts/editor_themes/office_2007" Which I end up replacing the already there files. Correct?

So I add in those two, then for the images folder in the download, I upload to "public_html/jscripts/editor_themes/Office_2007/images" Which I compress, then extract. Correct?

  • colorbox
  • js
  • modcp
  • usercp
  • tsimplyscroll
  • index
  • a lot of GIF's / PNG's

So in which folder do I upload these? I have the current folders in my hosting:

What should I do? If it'd be easier to use an IM program to communicate, such as skype, hotmail, FB, Ymail. Feel free to give me whatever you have.