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Full Version: Have a Mobile SMS Alerts System Mybb?
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Now Available Email Alerts System Mybb..Have a Mobile SMS Alerts System Mybb? Or how To Create This System
For what exactly?
Have A New Alerts we a Mobile Text Massage
Alerts for what? Login attempts? New threads? You need to be more specific.
Yes All
(2013-01-21, 04:33 PM)mybbbest Wrote: [ -> ]Yes All

Why not just set up email alerts and then get email on your phone? Is that not much easier than creating something new?
Messing with Telecommunications is a risky and tough task.

You need your own telecommunicative server to send national, as well as international messages to users.

And then, you budget matters a lot. understand..thank you for all..
Technically you can pull this off with many US carriers.

Typically, if you send an email to [email protected] (or is it .net?), it should send as a text.

See for more information.
just have your users provide there SMS email equivalent and then send notices that way via a plugin. it does not need to be on you to figure out the users SMS email, make them look it up if you want it. Feel free to link to something like to give them a head start
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