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Full Version: Upgrade Caused Theme To Change
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I just upgraded from 1.6.8 to 1.6.9 and successfully completed the process. Unfortunately, my theme changed to the default theme and I'm not sure how to get my custom theme to show up. My custom theme is still in the Theme section, and is chosen as the default, but I'm curious if the upgrade changed paths to my files.

File Verification says it found problems and lists a lot of files. Any thoughts on how to get this fixed. My forum is down for the moment.
Resave the style sheet in the ACP. It'll put the correct file on disk.
Excellent! Worked great. Thanks!

Actually, one more question. How do I get the file verification to update? This could make it hard to troubleshoot if these files always show up.

Nathan, any thoughts on my last question? File Verification is listing over a 100 files that didn't show up before the upgrade.

Can someone else answer this? Should I start a new thread?