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Full Version: How do I change which usergroup a user goes to by default on activation?
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I would like to switch which usergroup users are put into by default once they're activated. Where is this option/setting located? Can't seem to find it in any of the settings. Right now they all go into group 2 once activated, but I want it to be group 11.
As far as I know, group 2 as the newbie group appears to be pretty much hardcoded.

What you might want to do is assign the permissions of group 11 to the newbs group (2) and move your none new members into another group than group 2.
When you say hard coded, do you mean I'd need to find some coding in a file and edit it by hand? Or do you mean it's literally not possible for us to do it, no matter what? I'd be willing to edit the coding in a file if that's what it is.

If it comes down to it, I'll try your 2nd idea but I'd greatly prefer not to have to switch all those people/permissions like that. I'd be more nervous about that than editing actual code in a file.
It affects a fair few places - things like when a member moves from activation and things like that.

I am certainly not 100% sure of all the things to change. I would rather do the group move than edit the core files and possibly break something else.

I shall try googling.
Pandaa - that looks like it might actually be just what I'm thinking of. I'll give it a shot and report back here later if it did the trick.

My only worry would be... that code won't send ALL users from group 2 into a new group, right? I still have a use for group 2, but just don't want it the default group.