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Full Version: While inserting hyperlink
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When i post any new thread and insert any hyperlink then after that when clickling on that link gives error message...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function standard_error() in /arbah.php on line 53

Url to site --

Pls help me

Thanks in advance...
arbah.php is not a core MyBB file. Are you using any plugins that may have added that file?
i have removed it also then error coming

404 arbah.php not found.....
Which plugin do you use who have that arbah.php file?
If i know which plugin then i would have deactivate it... i dont know which plugin is causing that error.. U have any idea...??

Can Anyone help me out to solve the problem........


Can anyone help me reply with this thread
I tried to look into it,

It's definitly a plugin/script or maybe the editor that is causing this.
Do you know what arbah.php did? Like a link counter or something?
No means when i put any link or url into a thread or post then after posting when someone clicks on that link then in new tab it gives error...

SO u know which plugin can cause that error....??????
From out of my head.. No.
I have no idea what's causing the issue.

You should search trough your script files to check what is changing the link locations.
Or place arbah.php back and check if it solves the problem.
Thanks for atleast looking at my problem......

placing arbah.php back causes fatal error as i mentioned above..
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