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Full Version: Sticky or Forum for 1.7/1.8 reports
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It seems like the suggestion/feedback forum is going to get flooded with this stuff. I mean we should either have a sticky directing people to post bug reports on github(or simply notifying them that it's not even beta and that many things aren't fully implemented yet and they should wait until beta to report any bugs). Or give 1.7/1.8 its own forum.
We're waiting on Tim who's waiting on Chris, and we all know how busy Chris can be. We have a backlog of tasks for staff to complete. Smile
Well keep up the good work then Nathan and the rest of the team XD.
The access issues have been resolved now so I'm slowly sorting through my list today Toungue The 1.8 section has been setup and I've also added a cool plugin which Nathan created allowing us to push issues from the 1.8 bugs/issues forum here to the GitHub issue tracker.