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Full Version: jQ conflict in community?
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I'm experiencing jQuery conflict here at
The thead collapse not working, the postbit edit dropdown fails to drop.

Is it only me or some other friends having the same issue?
I'd be surprised if you were experiencing a jQuery conflict here, considering we don't actually use jQuery here...
I guessed so, but the javascripts are not working for me.
Working fine for myself and others. Clear your cache, try a different browser, and also make sure you have Javascript enabled.
Hmm. Seems like browser issue. Opera, FF cool, just not working in Chrome (though other MyBB sites are working fine). No luck clearing cache.

Anyway, thanks for reply Big Grin
Hmm very odd.

No issues on Chrome for iPod :p
And I've never had any issues with the edit button on my laptop's Chrome. Never really use the collapse though.

Works fine for me in Chrome. -Paul H. Shy
It was a browser issue from my end.
Sorry for the thread. Sad