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Full Version: need a expert developer for serious custom work
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Hi - am looking to start a deal community on lines of and it will be completely user generated content - but will need lot of custom features. mybb will be used as the core CMS. am looking for a team of developers/designer who can take up the project. any leads will be appreciated!
Paid or free?
(01-30-2013, 06:06 PM)Dominic Wrote: [ -> ]Paid or free?

Ofcourse paid
That looks like a job for XThreads Toungue
(01-30-2013, 06:25 PM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]That looks like a job for XThreads Toungue

I was thinking the same Toungue
I saw your plugin on a art community site.
XThreads is not my plugin. I only wish it was Big Grin

I make plugins for XThreads and use XThreads on all my sites but it is the work of ZingaBurga.
Prey to XThreads [Image: Smiley10-1.gif], what would Leefish do without it? In all the things you can make it do, it will work, it is a fantastic plugin. See here for great tutorials:
i need development work - for example adding FB connect for registration, adding thread voting system (vote up, vote down, adding system for users to nominate thread as "homepage deal", adding point system for users to post new deals and more points when any of thier posts become homepage deal
I am in dude....

Send me your skype.

I can do any DESIGN work, work related to Xthreads/Template Conditionals any orange, etc Big Grin