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Something weird is happening with signature width. If signature have really big width everything is collapsed. I am not sure am i only one who see this or there is someone else also...

Example on spork's profile :
If the signature is larger than the default widths of the signature table, then the elements around it will be resized I order fit the signature on the member profile page.
I think it's just because my signature is wide and it forces that table to be the width of the image + padding.
Ninja'd by me Big Grin. Sorry, bit random.images can do that as their width is fixed whereas text can flow onto multiple lines. For example Jovan if your quote had more words the tables wouldn't ned to resize the text will go onto a new line.
One could fix this by setting a fixed with on the container div then setting overflow to hidden.
One could just use a smaller image, if they wanted their profile to be easily viewed.and congratulations with IcyBoards.
Yeah there used to be a limit on signature size:

Not sure if it's still here or not.
That is from 2009, but it is still a good rule to have in place. Imagine a thread where every user had huge images...
It's not huge... The width is a standard banner size, 728px. Undecided
A maximum of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100 pixels are permitted. Sorry spork.
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