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Full Version: Calendar Integration
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Hello, I just started using MyBB and so far I am liking how well it works and the ease of use.

I'm a slight tinkerer when it comes to PHP, I'm pretty good at doing some basic stuff and modifying code to get it to do what I want.

For the past 2 days I've been looking through these forums and online on integrating MyBB with the rest of the site I'm working on. I have all the user stuff and session figured out and I am currently working on the user bar for my site outside of the MyBB.

What I am having trouble now is trying to integrate the Calendar into a stand lone page on my site.

I want to just pull in the calendar and the add event section into my Events page. I couldn't easily find a mod or a walk through on how to do this.

My website is, if you click on the Events link in the nav you'll see an old php calendar I'm using, I want to replace that with the one inside MyBB.
Is this even possible?
Just wanted to update this. I figured out how to add the calendar into an external page.

for anyone else that may be looking, you have to go into the Admin CP.
I made a copy of the the calendar template and edited the content there to just have the table for the calendar output.

I then copied the content of calendar.php and pasted it into my external file, I made changes to the directory path for the required files so they all pulled in correctly. I then edited the external file to strip out all the calendar features I did not need (this is a display only)

I then went back into the Template editor in the Control Panel and made copies of the templates I needed to modify such as calendar_weekrow_day, calendar_eventbit, calendar_weekrow. Inside of those files I striped out the href tags so the days and events were not clickable.

You can see my integration so far by going to
Looks good, welcome to MyBB. Smile