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Full Version: Forum keeps getting defaced [Merged]
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So my forum keeps getting defaced and I can't work out how. I'm using namecheap as my host and the only plugins I have are:

TabbedMenu by Labroca
MyAwards by Labrocca
Donate Page that comes with MyBB
Ficons by Labrocca

? I don't get how.
What host are you using?
(2013-02-05, 06:42 PM)Doodie Wrote: [ -> ]What host are you using?

What's your site URL ?
your domain probably contains an infected file. Have you considered backup your database and re installing everything?
(2013-02-05, 06:41 PM)Hayden- Wrote: [ -> ]Donate Page that comes with MyBB

MyBB doesn't include any donation page by default, does it?
Check files and directories manually or upload this and check if there's any shell uploaded.

Ps:If you are using any nulled plugin/theme, it might be backdoored.
HostGator allows symbolic linking, someone has symlinked your server. I would recommend moving to a new host.
I would call Hostgator and talk to them. See what they can do to help you out.
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