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Hey guys, yes this is my first post, but besides that, I have begun development on a new plugin, called MySocialBB, what this will do will enable you to turn your MyBB forum into a social network, this will allow users to have friends, live chat, status updates & a feed. But what about the forum? Yes, the forum will be there yes, but it would be used for support ect ect, or so as a group chat, which will be sorted out later.

If you guys have any ideas you would like to see, please just reply with your suggestion.

Interested in helping? Just send me a message Wink

Interested to see test it Smile
- own picture in profile like facebook
- rate every post like this - - like and hate, when post have 10 hate will be hidden, when somebody want show this post, must be click - show this post

Okay that was a separate page with video chat. But I do not know how it would look from the technical side. Like this
[Image: droolq.gif]
(2013-04-03, 02:29 AM)Prosper Wrote: [ -> ][Image: droolq.gif]

LOL you show nicely that you are eagerly waiting for IT.
hard to be interested with no screenshots or anything like that. many people have talked about similar things before but never delivered. i hope you can do it, though.
it is for real??
Sounds like something bigger than MyBB itself Toungue
any news about development off this plugin, any beta or test release??
Guys sorry for the inactivity, yes, progress is being made on this plugin but there are no clean preview as of yet Toungue

(2013-06-04, 02:49 PM)mostarac Wrote: [ -> ]any news about development off this plugin, any beta or test release??

If all goes well, i'd assume within a month Alpha stage would begin.
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