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Full Version: [DONE][PAID] - Custom Theme
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Busy with a lot of other work, I have to outsource the designing of a custom theme for our forum, so I´m looking for someone to take that job. To clarify a few things:

1) Our budget is max. 150$ - 200$. How much excactly depends on the amount of coding necessary, when talking about specifics and how long the developement would take. I can say right away though, that we don´t need many fancy features

2) Visiting --> this forum <-- you should feel capable of designing something similar easily, because we want an oldschool-looking theme like that one

3) We don´t want any rip off of that design, so although this design comes close to our needs, you should be able to design a theme individually without losing the similarities. Its primarily the overall design consisting of header_background, main_background and coloring that does appeal to us

4) Because our site is growing steady, we need someone ready and willing to start right away. We cannot wait weeks for the theme

5) You should be able to design a suitable header, when given a certain amount of concept art to wirk with. Nothing fancy though

6) Although I´m in general always willing to support newcomers, this time I have to say right away, that you should have a certain amount of custom/premium themes in your portfolio.

If someone feels spoken to, then please send me a private message with your portfolio and an estimated time of developement, when asked to create something similar as the linked forum.

Thank you very much.

I´ve found someone to design the theme. Thank you very much for any interest.