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Full Version: [Offering] IPB | vB => MyBB [Theme Conversion]
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I am offering theme conversions from IPB or vB to MyBB.

I will make a clone of the theme you give me for myBB Smile

Important Notes:

* Please be sure to buy the theme you want me to convert as I won't take any blame, etc nor will I put "Theme designed by ShittyEGman" on the theme Smile || If you don't buy, I will still convert your theme but I won't take any responsibility of the alter effects.
* Cost will depend on Forum Software as well as Theme
* 50% Payment Before work & 50% after work
* No minimum charge than 25$

If you are ready to hire me, just shoot me a PM.

Thank you.
Can you show any of your past work (converted theme)?
You should also mention that they need to get permission from the original theme creator for it to be converted first...
I do conversions for free, and besides, all the themes that will be the target are paid, and you will have a tough time obtaining permission ffrom the author.

Plus there won't be much work you do yourself, you just copy, $25 is unreasonable for that.