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Full Version: Icon read and unread Post
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I have a problem with the last version of mybb.
When i read post on subforum the icon of post reamain on. If go to the section and then return in index the icon appair off.

Sorry for my bad english
Up !!!!
Why do you care? It doesn't bother you in anyway.. Also i can't really understand what you're saying.. Please explain a bit more.
I have a problem. When I read all the new topics in a forum, the icon ON in the index page remains. Why? I always have to doblue-click on the ON...
when i read a topic, this topic don't mark as read. And the icon of forum remain on
You need to set that in your ACP. It may cause an extra query though

Forum Display Options

Attempt to Mark Parent Forums as Read
When set to yes, this setting will attempt to mark the parent forums of a sub-forum as read if there are no more unread posts. Please note that this setting can lead to a decrease in performance and multiple database queries and therefore must be treated as experimental.
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