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Full Version: Theme enchancements?
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People their standard of what a theme should have of features keeps on increasing. I know there are tons of tutorials if implentened can improve your theme.

My question is what resources do you use or methos to make good themes?

This could be a juqery plugin, gradient online generator, etc...

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So nobody wants to share?
I've read 'theme enchantments' [rofl]
Well, to quote a thread from MyBBAddict:

jung3o Wrote:These are the lists of websites that maybe very useful anyone from beginners to intermediates and even to professionals!

Design resources - BG/Texture - BG/Texture - Color Pallet - BG - BG/Texture - Different Color tones - Color wheel - Monotone Icons - BG/Texture

Web Compatible Fonts




Dummy generators: - Text - Text - Image - Image