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Full Version: [For sale] - Dev theme
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I'm not interested in any comments / feedback / suggestions.

[Image: pchvigb.png]

Description: Advanced MyBB theme that utilizes latest visual techniques.Comes with advanced template design, custom editor theme, alert system and toggle width function.

  • Alert system
  • Fixed / Fluid width function
  • Matching text editor
  • Two color schemes (light / dark)
  • Major template revamp (w3c valid)

Payment: via Paypal (contact me via PM for purchase)

Demo: PM me for demo

[Image: 17686377-holder-c3eaa583f6702a456b31d11dd1b80145.jpg] [Image: 17686375-holder-6b0aea0bb3b5605cf6cb1f779a33abde.jpg]

[Image: 17686376-holder-635f099ea0a96b5c55f2dda3ea8495ca.jpg] [Image: 17686374-holder-6b2bd43d444f9378c2b95ae7ebc930d6.jpg]

[Image: 17686373-holder-bba4fb6e3f6f00c5ce32f35ac21cfffd.jpg] [Image: 17686372-holder-2b677a26d9dc9c5d58e222b49307a233.jpg]

[Image: 17686371-holder-b9db86a8f420c3733ef8aa7adee55024.jpg] [Image: 17686371-holder-b9db86a8f420c3733ef8aa7adee55024.jpg]

[Image: 17686370-holder-369d06e57c848e92c1d3f2a008064473.jpg] [Image: 17686368-holder-b51e302ea03bf6abc7875b11a46f0622.jpg]

[Image: 17686369-holder-76dd98c612eb63df4bc708e45014e560.jpg] [Image: 17686367-holder-826d4ed7738760aaf5977e1776f59538.jpg]
Dark color scheme:


[Image: 17686391-holder-c20f3c6f51cf0b7c8518bca346998856.jpg] [Image: 17686390-holder-e346617c6adb2b2df57e323a3383a820.jpg]

[Image: 17686389-holder-3dda1e3b84f52f180638369641d959d3.jpg] [Image: 17686388-holder-02aa88fd25b50a0579ca541f80eedde6.jpg]

[Image: 17686387-holder-d8d61595178354e534be0a03eccdfbc4.jpg] [Image: 17686386-holder-4634ea72af6fdc8bca201c86b179918b.jpg]

[Image: 17686385-holder-1d013264f2ae786fc539b2ce0d333290.jpg]
First post edited with new info.As for dark version i'll have new info in upcoming hours.
Theme looks GREAT! Love the tabs for newthread and such. Very nice job.

YuvaPix always does a good job with their themes. Smile GLWS
(05-04-2013, 09:19 PM)iHydra Wrote: [ -> ]Theme looks GREAT! Love the tabs for newthread and such. Very nice job.

YuvaPix always does a good job with their themes. Smile GLWS

Thank you.More awesome themes coming from Yuvapix soon (TM soon).

Update: second post is updated with dark version.
I would be tempted, however since they are different products I wouldn't pay that much for them both. However if you incorporated a color changer within the themes it would be very good.
That idea was on my list but the problem was with additional css files and color loading (on slow hosts you would need ~ 5 seconds in order to display dark color scheme), since i wasn't planning to use global.css as base along with white.css (for light color scheme) and dark.css (for dark color scheme).i'll think about that again.
Few updates:
-Dark theme merged with light one (dark as alternative color scheme) - they are both now one product
-Theme price lowered
-Copyright removal lowered
#3 Bump.

Due the no interested i'm ready to sell this theme below price (60 USD) - one copy only that includes full rights (ownership and distribution rights).

For interested members i'll provide demo.

The theme contains two xml files (each for it's own color scheme and both themes are using the sample template set) and can be toggled via plugin or js function.
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