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Hello guys, we're in a constant effort with improving our site's pagerank, furthermore we aim to accomplish a PR-3 in the next google pagerank update. However, SEO has been VERY costly in our side and so i thought of selling advertisement slots to help us with the financial costs. This is a very good opportunity for you because the niche will surely give you the webhosting industry audience.

Site link:

1 header advertisement ( size of 728x90 ) - $30 / Mo
1 footer advertisement ( size of 728x90 ) - $20 / Mo
1 sidebar vertical advertisement ( size of 120x240 ) - $20 / Mo
2 postbit advertisement ( size of 125x125 ) - $15 / Mo
Extra discounts for quarter, semi-annual, and annual payments.

Things you may want to know:
The website is hosted with asmallorange servers.
We have a lot of hot stuffs in line for the community too ( e.g. Webhost Directory which up until now is in WIP. )


Please let me know if you are interested.