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Full Version: migrating from Discusware 4.00.9
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I posted this question/requests in the merge topic. But since I don't even know what "merge" means with regard to MyBB, I thought this topic might be a bit more appropriate. My apologies...

I have a discusware forum-- The Crispin Colloquy --that has been on the net for roughly 15 years.

It is a little clunky but more importantly, no longer supported.

I would dearly like to migrate to newer software but I don't want to lose all the, structure, etc....that I have invested as well as the information contained on it.

Is there anyone in the community that would undertake this project for a reasonable price (we are a 501, c-3 non-profit organization structured as a Trade Guild)
*sigh* The "Merge System" is essentially the name for how MyBB terms their migration system. As was stated in the topic in Merge System Support, this is completely possible on your part without spending a dime. You just have to take an indirect road. Discusware to SMF/phpBB to MyBB.