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Full Version: Problem when changing header (everything goes centered)
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Hi im having a problem. I have created a new header via a WYSIWYG editor and replaced the old header with it. The problem is that now every single thing on the forum has centred and i dont want that.

I have looked through the coding their is not a single center code in it so i have no idea why its effecting things below the header area.

All my forums the text even the stats on the bottom of the site are all in center justification.Sad
Moved to Templates.

Can we have a link to you board?
Thanks Smile the link is
Humm. Long shot, but try removing all occurrences of:

I believe there was two at least.

BTW: You also have two body tags. You should remove the one in the header template. Also, what editor are you using? It's generating some messy code and a lot of the CSS related stuff should be placed in the theme manager in the ACP.
Its NVU im using i dont know of any others that are free.

I put those / center things in to try and stop the center justification but it made no difference.

Ill remove the body tags just now already tried that and things went beserk.....
Right done that now the main back ground has changed colour and the center still remains Sad
Got it working. There was a bit in the template i should not have been deleting it threw everything off.