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Full Version: "image resizer" plug-in problem
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Hi there, we face two problem and request the support team to solve our problem.
When we update the forum system to new version, this problem rise up.whenever we use a big size picture in a typical topic or post the system cannot abject this to a little format. And system voids these changes!
Even though we use “Image Resizer” plug-in, this plug-in doesn’t work properly awfully! How we can save this issue?

An instance:

Moved to Code Mods.
no one can respond me?
For starters your forum requires signup to view. Another issue is that you are using a mod which may not have been updated for 1.2 and you should ask the mod author. MYbb staff doesn't support mods written by 3rd parties.

Looking at the mod it does appear to have been updated to 1.2

Have you updated your plugin?