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Full Version: Query string for multiple recipients in private.php
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Hi All,

I am writing a Tipping comp plugin for my site, well re-writing from Joomla. In doing this I want to add a feature where the tipping comp admin can send a PM to all members of the tipping comp. Rather than re-invent the wheel and rewrite a page that already exists I was wondering whether I could simply do the following


(this works, however what I want to do is something like)


etc so it will then put all those users into the list, or better still put them into the BCC list

Is this at all possible or am I better off just adding a form and that puts all this in place and then sends submits the data to private.php?
using mass mail from admin panel appears to be a simple solution !
private.php?action=send&preview=1&bcc=1,2,3,4,5&subject=I want to...& a game
^ Thank you. for the bcc part it appears that we need to add user names (not user IDs)
Awesome. Only a few admins will have access to the part that generates this but that is just perfect Smile