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Full Version: Thememybb < Interested to buy?
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Four Domains:

Registrar: GoDaddy
Registered on: 5th December, 2012
Expiry on: 5th December, 2013
Expected price: $200
Transaction: PayPal only.
Sell type: Bundle. No single domain. I'll just handover my own account.

Anyone interested to buy?
(04-08-2013, 05:29 PM)effone Wrote: [ -> ]I'm selling the domain. Not site.
I didn't say "Valuation", I didn't evaluate it. I said "Expectation".

You're expectation of $200 is your own personal valuation, isn't it ? Thats what you're "expecting" to get for the domains, therefore thats your valuation.

If I offer you $60 ($15 each) for the domains would you accept my offer ?
I didn't refuse your offer. I can expect $10000 for a glass of water that depends upon me.
This is not a showcase thread and I'm not interested to any other comments stating personal opinions - way out of purchasing the same: which is the motto of these thread.

@Jambuster: If I don't get any better offer, its yours.
I have cleaned this thread up. I think the OP gets what we've all been saying.