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Full Version: Need advice on some more spam protection
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I have stopforumspam and have redone my security questions and also have the standard recaptcha thing. Lately my forum and been getting more traffic and I have started to get some spammers who register. 1 did a post the other day but most just register.

I am pretty sure this is human ones but is there anything I can add to help stop them? I get updates in my email of new threads so I can delete the posts pretty quick but just wanted to get everyones input on maybe another way I can improve my protection.
If they are human spammers there isn't much you can do but ban / remove them once they start spamming. Human spammers will be just like your normal members, be able to answer your security questions & resolve captchas.

You can how ever make it unappealing for them to spam, remove ability to post links until x posts or members until x days, remove ability to PM until x days or x posts etc....

For non-human spammers I'd suggest something like: or SolveMedia which will also be a revenue stream for you as well as stop spammers.
The register time is also a good plugin to help stop spam bots I'll post the link when I get back to the pc as on the phone at moment

as promised here is the link
Most hand spam is from a handful of countries. Smile

If you use Cloudflare you can easily country block via htaccess.
Spamalyser has worked pretty well for me.