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Do these plugins work with 1.6.9?


Do I need to run this script;
to get them to work with 1.6.9?

Thanks Smile
I use the first plugin on my forum and it works perfectly so you don't need to run any script but change the compatibility from 1.6.x to 1.6
Anyone else know?
I'd setup a test board and test it yourself - Before installing these on your live install ensure you create a backup, even if it did work out fine on your test board.
I use both on my forum 1.6.9 and both work perfect I think both have been updated to work with 1.6.5 and above as I had both installed o 1.6.5 before I updated
Works perfectly in MyBB 1.6.9
I get excellent results with Fassim Anti Forum Spam on 1.6.9