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Full Version: Chopping and Changing Templates
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Hi to all here!

I have a few questions about how to edit and remove sections of the forum.

First off, I'd like to remove the "Moderator" column (Image) from the Board Index. I've just installed MyBB and it's got everything I look for, plus more! I have no idea about the template editing though.

Second, could someone let me know how to add extra links in the nav bar (below)? The original vBulletin skin had a "Home" link, and I'd love to add it in!

[Image: example2.jpg]

Thirdly, is there any way to remove the blue line from underneath usernames? I've gone through the theme's CSS in the AdminCP, but the underlined usernames still remain. I'd also like to stop the "Reputation" and "Group" lines from being visible, and have the entire username details box be aligned to the left, instead of being centred. Hope this doesn't sound too pushy Big Grin

[Image: example3.jpg]

Lastly, how can I add announcements like the yellow and blue examples on the MyBB forum index?

I'm not that new to forum systems (I'm using vBulletin 3.6.0, IPB 2.1.7, phpBB 2.0.21, SMF 1.1RC3, IkonBoard and YaBB in various situations Smile), but MyBB is like a mix of all of 'em!

Any replies are greatly appreciated! Big Grin
Moved to Templates.

1) You'll have to modify the templates, since this is a custom theme, contact the author. Most likely, these are the templates you'll need to modify:
ACP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *Template Set* -> Index Templates -> index
ACP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *Template Set* -> Forum Bit Templates -> forumbit_depth1_cat

2) You'll need to edit the templates(again), most likely the header template.
ACP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *Template Set* -> header

3) ACP -> Users and Groups -> Manage Groups -> *Group Name* -> Username Style
You'll find something like this:
<span style="color: ...."><strong>{username}</strong></span>
Replace with:
<span style="text-decoration: none; color: ...."><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>
ACP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *Template Set* -> Post Bit Templates -> postbit_author_user
{$lang->postbit_group} {$usergroup['title']}<br />
{$post['replink']}<br />

4) [Wiki: Help:Latest_News_Bar] (Broken link, head over to instead)
The usergroup and replink removal is all I could do. I'll try and get in contact with the author of the skin.

Thanks for the help!
go find the css for links and change it so that it doesn't have link style underline, change it to none.
Already did all that Wink

I gave up on the vBulletin theme cos the default MyBB one looks much nicer!

This is probably a simple edit, but it's not bad considering I hadn't touched MyBB until yesterday!

[Image: example4.jpg]