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Full Version: import new theme error
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Hi guys,
i have installed mybb 1.2.1, but when i am trying to import a new theme it gives me this error
Upload failed. Please try again.Error details: PHP returned: Missing a temporary folder. Please contact your forum administrator with this error.

i have imported the needed folders in /images and when i am trying to import the xml file it gives me this error (for any theme that i have tried)

Anyone has an idea what's wrong???


Edit: when i upload the xml file in the server and use the import option for local filename it works fine ! Confused
Are you with I've heard you need to make a "sessions" folder somewhere.
This isn't an problem with MyBB, this is a server/php problem.
Hi Christian,
ineed you are right, it is not a MyBB problem if you check also my other post

it is a server/php problem because i tried to upload a file via a simple php script and it's not working.
Do you know maybe what could be the problem in the server?