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Full Version: hacked again........
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somehow, the guy keeps breaking in and trying to defaced it and did it again. i dont know what to do now! it pisses me off when ppl think they can do whatever they want and aslo this guy named toks1k should go to court and stuff for hackin. my site and his cna u guys somehow remove him from the mybb fourms?
A) Wrong forum:

B) The MyBB Group cannot control who is using MyBB.
It's the plugins you have. If you aren't on 1.6.10, then that's the main issue.
Thanks Seabody, thread moved.

As you mentioned, this happened before, by the same person?
Try checking your files for possible backdoors. Anti-virus can help you there (as many of them detect known backdoors). Just download the forum files and scan them (I suggest using Avira).
If nothing is found, check your plug-ins (there is a thread with known vulnerable plug-ins:
Also remember to use a secure password and change the name of your admin folder.

Feel free to pm me with any questions.
...or maybe theres some extra php scripts are installed on the same hosting, and he is using them for access. Or maybe he's got your ftp pass. Or getting to your hosting account hacked someone on the same vps shared host.