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Full Version: Multicolored themes
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Mybb Blog Wrote:Apart colours to be included by default but without the need for including 14 separate themes before the administrator even opened their forum. This method is what we call attachable base colours.

[Image: apart-1800-overview.png?w=670&h=246]

These changes to the theme system allow you to create colours to which you can attach stylesheets (just like you can attach stylesheets to pages). You can also set a display order for all your stylesheets so that they can override styles. Together, the changes mean you can add a theme with as many custom colours as you want. Using the parent/child theme structure that already exists in 1.x you can restrict or allow certain usergroups to use these colours and, as they inherit the main stylesheets, they’re very easy to manage. So, there is no longer the need to install a dozen different themes just for a different colour header.

Hm... but I don't see any multicolor options in UCP, ACP etc. Either there is no color variations for default apart theme.
I believe this part of 1.8 is still a work in progress.
The option exists in the theme settings. It's not supposed to select it as a user.
(2013-04-27, 07:46 AM)StefanT Wrote: [ -> ]The option exists in the theme settings. It's not supposed to select it as a user.

Hm... i found them in ACP only, but the choice seems doesn't have any effect.

[Image: 1367058002-clip-13kb.png]

I choose Earth for example and nothing happens.
Oh.. thanx.